Directed by Emily Wanamaker

Based on Ted Hughes’ translation of The Oresteia by Aeschylus and Elaine Terranova’s translation of Iphigenia in Aulis by Euripides

The Trojan War has torn the world apart. The people of Argos wait desperately for their king, Agamemnon, to return – but his wife has less ceremonious plans for his arrival. In this retelling of Aeschylus’s Oresteia, the children of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra are left to rebuild the world out of the ruins of war. How can they succeed when they’ve never lived in anything but chaos?

Runtime: 90 minutes with no intermission

Dec 7, 2018 9:00p.m.
Dec 8, 2018 8:00p.m.
Dec 9, 2018 2:00p.m.
Dec 12, 2018 7:00p.m.


 NICK DOUCETTE as Agamemnon

ZOE FELDMAN as Clytemnestra

MARLEE WALEIK as Iphigenia

LAUREN KOOB as Elektra

BRADY FRITZ as Orestes









EMILY WANAMAKER Director & Playwright

RODNEY MURRAY Choreographer



BECCA THOMAS Stage Manager


SUNI WATKINS Costume Designer

COLIN J SASS Lighting Designer




JOE FALCONE Assistant Director

RUDY SCHREIBER Assistant Director

FAITH DANSBERRY Assistant Stage Manager

ANGELA TOICH Assistant Set Designer

COLE SUPSIC Assistant Costume Designer

DALTON WHITING Technical Director

KERENI SANCHEZ Festival Production Stage Manager



LAUREN FANSLAU Assistant to the Director

TERRY MITTELMAN Administrative Assistant

LINDSAY KRIEG-CRAM Associate Producer


TROY MARTIN-O’SHIA Master Electrician

LEVONNE LINDSAY Costume Shop Supervisor

JEN JAYNES Audience Services Coordinator

JUSTIN LUJAN Program Head: Acting

RICK STOPPLEWORTH Program Head: Musical Theater

AMY DUGAS BROWN Program Head: Directing, Playwriting and Production

NATALIE ROBIN Program Head: Theater Design & Technology

NICK EMBREE Set Practicum/ Associate Dean for the College of Performing Arts

JOHN FLAK Stage Management Practicum

Emily Wanamaker (Playwright/Director) is a Senior Directing, Playwriting, and Production major concentrating in directing, playwriting, dramaturgy, and producing. Past credits include: Mind Your Own, Dramaturg (UArts), This Is A Play About Buttons, Playwright/Producer (Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2018), Sonnets for an Old Century, Dramaturg (UArts), and Mr. Marmalade, Stage Manager (Uarts). Special thanks to the cast and production team for jumping on board this wild show!


Joe Falcone (Assistant Director) is a Senior Acting major. Past UArts credits include: Trojan Women, This Is A Play About Buttons, Sonnets for an Old Century, The Bourgeois Gentleman, and Folk Wandering. Regional: An Ideal Husband and The Tempest (CPAA). Happy to be on the other side this time!


Rudy Schreiber (Assistant Director) Directing, Playwriting, and Production Major. UArts credits:  Equinox: Cheesy Puffs (Assistant Director), Polyphone: Red 40 (Assistant Stage Manager) and Prequinox (Stand-Up)  These Terrible Things (Actor) Drop a fly (Stage Manager) Regional Credits: A Christmas Carol (Ford’s Theatre), Four Little Girls (The Kennedy Center), Salat (Signature Theatre), A Winter’s Tale (Folger Theatre), The Story, 16 voices (Duke Ellington School of the Arts). Thanks to anyone who deserves thanks.


Rodney Murray (Choreographer) is a Sophomore DPP and just so happens to be two small men in one large trench coat. Past UArts Credits include: Whatever Happens (Choreographer, 2018), Acedia (Ensemble, 2018), blood, hate, and other gruesome things (AD/Dramaturg, 2018). Hi mom!


Becca Thomas (Stage Manager) is a Sophomore DPP at UArts and is so thrilled to have been a part of this incredible production. Previous UArts credits include Just Another Normal Conversation (SM), Acedia (ASM); previous professional credits include An Incomplete List of All The Things I’m Going To Miss When The World Is No Longer (SM, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble), and Just Another Normal Conversation (SM, Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2018). She is very thankful for this opportunity, and to her entire support system to their unwavering love.


Faith Dansberry (Assistant Stage Manager) is a Junior Musical Theatre Major at UArts. Previous credits include Eat Pray Swag (SM), Guys and Dolls (Arvide Abernathy), and Why Am I Used To This (Aliyah). She is grateful for the friendships this show has built for her, and to all her loved ones for their support through trying theatre from a new perspective during this process.


Kelly Fleming (Dramaturg) is a Sophomore DPP at UArts. Additional UArts credits include: Eat Pray Swag (AD/Dramaturg), The Headmaster (AD/Dramaturg) and up next at UArts, she is directing Make Em’ Cry ‘Uncle!’ in the 2019 Equinox New Play Festival. She is also a member of both Playground Champions Improvisation Troupe and No Joke Sketch Comedy Group.  Professional credits include: This is a Play About Buttons (Director, Philadelphia Fringe 2018).


Nick Doucette (Agamemnon) is an Acting major ending his first semester of Sophomore year.

He has been in one other production with UArts, playing Violence in Acedia. He is absolutely thrilled to be working on this project! And a special thanks to meating and pieing and fooding and carting.


Zoe Nebraska Feldman (Clytemnestra) – [she/her] is a Senior Acting major. UArts: Sonnets for an Old Century, Eat and You Belong to Us by MJ Kaufman, Ruination_Y3K, and Edison (also in Prague and Edinburgh Fringes). Philadelphia Fringe: The Elementary Spacetime Show (co-produced at UArts, later Playwrights Horizons), and Salamander.


Marlee Waleik (Iphigenia) – Marlee is a Junior Musical Theatre major at UArts. She was last seen in This is a Play About Buttons, a new play presented by the 2018 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. She would like to thank Em, Rodney, Becca, and the rest of the incredible cast & crew of O(rest)eia.


Lauren Koob (Elektra) is a Junior Acting Major and Film & Video minor. This is her UArts debut! She would like to thank the cast and crew, her mom, family, and her two cats.


Brady Fritz (Orestes) is Senior Musical Theatre Major at UArts and is excited for the audiences to experience this new world. You may have seen him in American Idiot as Tunny! Keep your eye out for his next appearance in Rob Kaplowitz and Kittson O’neill’s brand new show Minors at The Lantern Theatre next Spring! Thanks to his friends and family for all the love and support!


Christina Carelli (Artemis/Chorus) is a Sophomore Acting Major and proud owner of a Meat Pie Food Cart. Former UArts credits include Why Am I Used to This? (Rica), Acedia (Ensemble), blood, hate and other gruesome things (micah). #mpfc


Katelyn Coryell (Helen/Chorus) is a Senior Musical Theater Major (December ‘18, woohoo!!). Previous UArts Credits: Ancient Future (Polyphone ‘18) and Modern Day Love Story. She would like to thank the Brind School Faculty, her sweet friends (looking at you lil fam of four) and, of course the Coryell FamJam who she’d be lost without. Soli Deo Gloria.


Josh Farner (Thyestes/Apollo/Chorus) is thrilled to be a part of this spectacular show. Previous onstage credits include The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Acedia. He will be directing Antihistamine in the Equinox Festival next semester. Endless thanks to this kind and welcoming cast and crew!


Paige Galdieri (Athena/Chorus) is a Sophomore Musical Theater major. Her past UArts credits include, Nathan For Titus, Ancient Future, and Mind Your Own. She would like to thank her family and friends for being awesome supporters while she embarks on this crazy life journey.


Stephen Giordano (Perseus/Chorus) is a Junior Acting Major here at UArts. Past Credits include: Year of the Rooster (UArts HomeSeries), This is a Play About Buttons (Philly Fringe), Why am I Used to This? (Equinox), The Bourgeois Gentleman. Member of Playground Champions Improv Troupe. An excellent hugger. Find him on Instagram: @Borgalishous. Enjoy the show!


Lorraine Iaquinta (Patroclus/Pylades/Chorus) is currently a Senior Musical Theater major. Some favorite roles include Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Hope (Urinetown), and Ensemble (Ragtime). In her free time, she enjoys planning her next vacation to Disney World and playing with her cat. Many thanks to the cast, crew, family, and friends!


Hallie Nowicki (Paris/Chorus) is a Senior Musical Theatre Major.  She is thrilled to have O(rest)ia be her final main stage performance here at Uarts.  Other credits: White Girl in Danger, Curtains, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Legally Blonde.  Film/TV: Grey Matter, When a Guardian Descends, The Ballad of Black Justice, Oblivion.


Madison Pratt (Achilles/Chorus) is a Junior Acting major, and is thrilled to be apart of this piece! Past UArts credits include Acedia, Lucille’s Lantern, and Ms.Cast Cabaret. Thanks to Em for this amazing opportunity, and to Will, 302 and my family for their endless support!


William Shipley (Menelaus/Chorus) a Senior Acting major. Past UArts credits include: Annie Salem; Modern Day Love Story; Mr. Marmalade; The Bourgeois Gentleman; Acedia. Regional: My Name is Asher Lev (JEWArts). Thanks to friends new and old for an exciting final production at UArts. Love to MD&K. WilliamShipley.com


Georgiana Summers (Cassandra/Chorus), Georgiana Summers is a junior Musical theatre major. Past UArts credits include , Ancient Future, American Idiot, The Real Whisper, End of Mankind, and The Bomb A$$ Cabaret. She would like to thank her family, 302, Pelops, and Bryce.


Emma Tower (Aegisthus/Chorus) is a Senior acting major at the UArts. She is so thrilled to be a part O(rest)eia! She would like to thank her parents for their love and to Sticky Whipplesnit and Rancis Fluggerbutter for their undying support.

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