By Eugene Ionesco, Translated by Derek Prouse, Directed by Fadi Skeiker

April 25 – 28 at the Arts Bank Theater

For tickets: tickets.uarts.edu

Imagine you live in a small town that is besieged by one roaring citizen who becomes a rhinoceros, tramples on the social order, and the rest of the town follows suit. Could you maintain your human form and identity, or would you, too, be lured into the “beauty” of brute force and violence? When all members of your society are thinking the same way and behaving the same way, will you want to be part of the mob? Or will you stick to your individuality, despite being alone in your human form?  Eugène Ionesco’s absurdist play, RHINOCEROS, is a simple story that raises complex questions about the responsibility of the citizen when faced with radical thoughts.

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  • Jaz Blain as Bérenger
  • Joseph McAndrew as Jean    
  • Christina Carelli as Daisy        
  • Isabella Bernhardt as Dudard
  • Lincoln Millard as Botard       
  • Jocelyn Kilpatrick as Popillon 
  • Lorenza Barnasconi as Mrs. Boeuf    
  • Zoe Feldman as the Journalist           
  • Matt Donzella  as the Logician          
  • Justin Rubenstein as the Aging Boomer        
  • Rebecca Arencibia as the Waitress   
  • Sarah Bastian as Fire Fighter 1          
  • Stephen Perkins as Fire Fighter 2
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