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The Equinox New Play Festival is an annual Ira Brind School of Theater Arts event that highlights student work. Equinox is completely produced, written, directed, designed, stage managed and performed by students. The pieces in this year’s festival were prompted by Stage designer Es Devlin. Each playwright was asked to take inspiration from one of Es’ many works to write short plays. Using this the students are able to create a festival of aesthetically similar works with a wide range of topics and ideas.

February 8 at 7:30pm, February 9 at 7:30pm, February 10 at 2pm & 8pm, February 11 at 2pm

Caplan Studio Theater, Terra Hall, 211 South Broad Street Philadelphia

2018 FESTIVAL PLAYS, presented in the following order each performance time:


Why Am I Used To This, Mind Your Own, Footballs, and then Just Another Normal Conversation


EQUINOX 2018 is a part of Philly Theatre Week presented by Theatre Philadelphia


(Click poster to view production playbill)


Cami Pileggi–Producing Artistic Director

Cami Pileggi is a junior DPP with a focus in directing, playwriting, and children’s theater. Cami prides herself on being an activist, a collaborator, and a deviser! This festival has been incredibly near and dear to her since her freshman year, and she was so happy to be a part of creating it! Previous credits include: A Little More Spring (AD), The Elementary Space Time Show (AD), Equinox 2017: Echo November  (Director), Prequinox 2018 (Playwright), Whatever Happens (Co-Director) Things to come!: Retrograde: Polyphone 2018 (AD)


Nick Hatcher–Producing Artistic Director

A Junior Directing, Playwriting, and Production major with a focus in directing and producing. UArts credits: Lucille’s Lantern, A Little More Spring ,Equinox 2017, UArts Senior Showcase 2017, Ruinantion_Y3K. Regional: An Incomplete List… (Philly Fringe 2017), Harbor (Philly Gayfest 2016), Birdie’s Pit Stop (Philly Fringe 2016), Period Play (PWTF). Upcoming: Acedia (Stage Manager)


Abby Schlackman–Producing Artistic Director of Design

Abby Schlackman is a junior DT with a focus in Lighting Design. Previous credits include: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (LD), The Bourgeois Gentleman (ALD), Hamlet (LD), Now We Are Six (LD), Mr. Marmalade (LD), Polyphone 2016+2017 (ALD), Ruination Y_3K (LD), Pocatello (ALD), LLCA 2016 Summer Season (LD), Equinox 2016 (LD), and Twelfth Night (ALD). Upcoming: Sonnets For An Old Century (LD), Legally Blonde (ALD), and Iolanthe (LD).


Cass Meehan–Production Manager

Cass Meehan (they/them) is a junior DPP with a passion for binding books, embroidery, costuming, and general crafting in addition to stage managing the odd or otherwise devised. Previous credits include: These Terrible Things (SM), Subcircle Incubator (SM), Continua (SM), God’s Ear (ASM), Sometimes in Prague (ASM), and various student films (Costumes/Makeup). Upcoming: Acedia (Assistant Costume Designer)


Emily Wanamaker–Literary Manager

Emily Wanamaker is a junior DPP focusing in dramaturgy, playwriting, and directing. Previous UArts credits include: The Bourgeois Gentleman (Dramaturg), Mr. Marmalade (Stage Manager), The Real Whisper (Dramaturg), Pocatello (ASM), The Summer in Gossensass (Dramaturg), and Annie Salem (ASM). Other credits include: Hear Me War (Stage Manager, Philadelphia Women’s Theater Festival), Amadeus (Dramaturg/ASM/Venticello 2, Pendragon Theatre Company). Upcoming: Sonnets for an Old Century (Dramaturg).


Genevieve Farbe–Playwright Mentor


Michael Kowalski–Set Designer

Michael Kowalski is a Junior set design major at Uarts. Previous credits include: American Idiot (Assistant Set Designer and Scenic Painter), Continua (Costume Designer), and A Little More Spring (Costume Designer). Upcoming: Sonnets For An Old Century (Assistant Set Designer), Retrograde (Set Designer), and Ancient Future (Set Designer).


Bless Rudisill–Lighting Designer (Mind Your Own and Footballs)

Bless is a freshman with a Passion for designing lights for Theater as well as a variety of other events. He loves incorporating interactive environmental light into the deeper aspects of any story using spectrums of color and shadow . He is currently lighting designing both Footballs and Mind Your Own.


Colin Sass–Lighting Designer (Why Am I Used to This? and Just Another Normal Conversation)

Colin J Sass is a sophomore DT with a focus in Lighting and Projections. Previous credits include: It Takes One (LD), American Idiot (ALD), A Little More Spring (Assistant Projection Designer), Edison (ALD/ME). Upcoming: Sonnets for an Old Century (ALD), \ (Projection Designer)


Larry Barnes–Co-Projections Designer

Junior design tech major focusing in lighting and projection design. Previous credits include: Passing Strange (Projection Engineer), Simone R.P.T (Lighting Design), The Incomplete list (Lighting Design), Roses in June (Assistant Projection Design), Retrograde (Projection Design), Upcoming: Acedia (Lighting Design), Polyphone 2018 (Assistant Lighting Design), Keith Urban GrafffitiU tour (Assistant Design)


Sara Marinich–Co-Projections Designer

Sara Marinich is a senior Directing, Playwriting, and Production Major. Previous Credits include: Unformed Consent (Lightning Rod Special, SM), Don Giovanni (La Musica Lirica, SM), The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (UArts, PM), Turandot (Opera Philadelphia, PA). Upcoming: Little Shop Of Horrors at South Philadelphia High School (Director), Polyphone Festival (Assist. Producer)


Dante Green–Sound Designer

Dante Green is a junior theatre maker with a foundation in sonic experiences. Credits include: The Opposite Side (Equinox 2016, Playwright/Composer, The Imaginary Man), Modern Day Love Story (Music Supervisor, Second Keyboardist, Ensemble), The Best Songs In The World Show (Polyphone 2017, Lead Collaborator, AMD, Keyboardist/FX), The End of Mankind (UArts Home Series 2017, Playwright/Composer, Direction), An Incomplete List… (Philadelphia Fringe 2017, Playwright/Composer, Sound Design, Direction), Whatever Happens (UArts Home Series 2018, Curator, MD, Co-Direction), and more. Upcoming: Ancient Future (MD, Performer), Acedia (Composer/FX), and The Caregiver’s Project (Pig Iron Theater Company, Composer)


Suni Watkins–Co-Costume Designer


Julie Padovan–Co-Costume Designer

Julie Padovan is a freshman DT major, who enjoys costuming, crafting, and designing. She is one of the co-costume designers on Equinox 2018. Her upcoming credits also include assistant costume designing Ice Cream in rep with The Maids.


Jakob Kahler–Props Designer


Dalton Whiting–Master Electrician

Dalton Whiting is a Junior Design Tech student trying to become the living embodiment of a theatrical Multi-tool. Past credits include: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Set Designer), The Bourgeois Gentleman  (Assistant Technical Director), Lucille’s Lantern (Set Design), A Little More Spring (Lighting Design), Equinox 2017 (Master Electrician).
Upcoming: Polyphone 2018 (Assistant Technical Director), Acedia (Assistant Set Design).


Christion Jones–Assistant Master Electrician

Seth Chaffin–Technical Director

Allison Mudd–Playwright

Allison Mudd is a sophomore DPP. She is so excited for her first playwriting credit ever, and to be a part of the Equinox festival. When she is not writing, she is primarily directing/producing/dramaturging. Uarts credits include Equinox 2017 (Key), Mr. Marmalade, Lucille’s Lantern, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Thanks and love to all! Upcoming: Polyphone Festival (Assistant Producer).


Tamara Wheaten–Director

Tamara Wheaten is a junior Directing, Playwriting, and Production major. Her past credits include Lucille’s Lantern (Playwright), Simone_RPT8 (Sound Designer, Fringe Festival), Retrograde Workshop (Sound Designer), Ruination_y3k (Mic Mixer/Documenteur), and Harbor (Assistant Stage Manager). Upcoming: Cowboy Bob (Assistant Director, Polyphone Festival).


Liz Smith–Assistant Director

Liz is a junior DPP with a focus on directing and playwriting . Past credits include : A Little More Spring (ASM) and Becky (assistant director).


Sheridan Merrick–Dramaturg

Sheridan Merrick is a junior Musical Theatre major, and this is her first time working as a dramaturg. Along with creating theatre, she is passionate about writing and social activism. Previous UArts performance credits include: The Bourgeois Gentleman, The Real Whisper (2017 Polyphone Festival), and Sarah Flood in Salem Mass.


Audrey Gregory–Stage Manager

Audrey is a freshman DPP major tackling her first experience stage managing. She’s excited and eager to continue her theatrical work with the UArts and Philadelphia communities. Previous credits include: The Real Inspector Hound (AD), and Red Scare on Sunset (Director). Upcoming: Ancient Future (Script Supervisor)


Jeremy Little–Squid


Christina Carelli–Rica

Christina is a freshman acting major. Christina is very excited and grateful to be a part of Equinox and to be a part of her first season at UArts. She’d like to thank her family, friends, and mentors for all she has learned (and yet to learn!) from them. Past credits include: You Can’t Take It With You (Essie), The Diary of Anne Frank (Miep), and Heathers (Martha).


Joseph McAndrews–Sam

Joseph McAndrew (They/Them) is a sophomore Writing for Film & Television major with a passion for crying while laughing, infiltrating the Brind school, and being a self proclaimed icon. Previous credits include: Prequinox Festival (Stand Up,) Lucille’s Lantern (Ensemble,) Bomb A$$ Cabaret (Ensemble,) and web series Synonyms for Crazy (Writer/Director.)


Ian Ritter–Drake

Ian Ritter is a sophomore Acting major. Past UArts credits include: High School Musical 3: Senior Year (Rocket Man) and The Bourgeois Gentleman (Ensemble).


Justina Kondratowicz–Becca

Justina Kondratowicz is a senior Acting Major who, much like an invasive plant species, enjoys showing up to events, auditions, classes, and majors she has no business being in and making herself comfortable. Her previous credits include being an illustration major for a year and deciding to uproot her entire life for the sake of theater.


Faith Dansberry–Aalyiah

Faith Dansberry is a Sophomore Musical Theatre major. Past Uarts Credits include The Bourgeois Gentleman (Singer) and Subcircle Incubator (Ensemble Member). Faith also enjoys stage managing for her friends and colleagues, catch her doing just that in the upcoming home series: Eat, Pray, Swag. Faith is originally from Cincinnati and would like to thank her family, friends, and roommates for their unending support, love, and encouragement.


Stephen Giordano–Ram

Acting- Class of 2020. Stephen is excited to help present this important new work by Allison Mudd. Past UARTS credits include Blues for a Red Nation (Prequinox ‘17) and The Bourgeois Gentleman. Stephen is also excited to be a part of UARTS’ own Improv Troupe, Playground Champions! He also gives great hugs.

Max Van Kooy–Playwright

Max Van Kooy is a junior DPP with a concentration in playwriting and a passion for acting. UArts credits: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Ensemble), Now We Are Six (Ensemble), Folk Wandering (ASM), Continua (ASM). Regional credits: An Incomplete List (ensemble), The Last Five Years (SM), Shit Men Have Said (SM). Upcoming: Acedia (ensemble)


Billy Sander–Director

Billy Sander is a Senior Acting major and a Musical Theater minor. Billy is so excited to be making his directing debut at UArts! Past UArts acting credits include Domestic Rubatosis, The Elementary Spacetime Show and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Film Credits include The Orchid and the Wasp and Goodnight (The Five Sands). Billy is so proud of his Equinox team and would like to thank everyone in his life, from his friends at UArts, to his colleagues at Nest and his incredibly loving family, he would not be here without them!


Josh Farner–Assistant Director

Joshua Farner is a sophomore DPP. He was previously seen onstage in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Last semester, he directed and choreographed CaberGAY: A Celebration of Queer Musical Theater. Much love!


Marisa Faller–Dramaturg

Marisa is a Sophomore DPP with a passion for studying the world at large. She hopes that her research within the theatre and film worlds will provide her with some answers, one day. Previous credits include her dramaturgical work on The Stone Groove Shagadelic Disco and The Pajam Session, and her production managing/assisting with various Five Sands films. Upcoming: Assistant Dramaturg/Script Supervisor for Retrograde, and Director for a feminists’ piece in this year’s Home Series.


Mary Howe–Stage Manager

Mary is a junior musical theater major. Although she is an MT, she has a passion for the production side of theater! Production credits include: Next to Normal (Asst. Director/Lighting), HSM (Choreographer), and Colonial Forge Choir Festival (Lighting Design). Her UArts onstage credits include: Hunchback of Notre Dame, Now We Are Six, A Chorus Line and The Bomb A$$ Cabaret. She is also a proud member & officer of the Playground Champions improv troupe! Thanks to Billy and Meg Walsh for the opportunity!


Hannah Fletcher–Drew

Hannah Fletcher is a junior acting major with a passion for writing, directing, and choreographing. Previous UArts credits include: BECKY (Taylor) and High School Musical 3 (Taylor). Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Charles, Charlie, and all of her supportive, wonderful friends.


Giacomo Fizzano–Andy

Giacomo Fizzano is a freshman Musical Theatre Major in his first official season production! Previous UArts Shenanigans include: High School Musical 3 (Jason), and Nathan For Titus (Titus). Previous local credits include: Shrek, Jr. (Shrek) and A Christmas Carol (Peter/Ghost of Future) both at the Walnut Street Theatre.

Hannah Sandler–Playwright

Hannah Sandler is a Sophomore DPP. Past UArts credits include Whatever Happens (Choreographer), American Idiot (Assistant Choreographer), CaberGAY (Choreographer), Retrograde (First Workshop Assistant Director), Edison (Workshop, Premier, and International Tour Choreographer), Bomb Ass Cabaret (Choreographer). Regional Credits include My Name is Asher Lev (Movement Director). Upcoming: Acedia (Choreographer).


Anastassia Vertjanova–Director

Anastassia is a second year director. Current and previous credits include Blues for a Red Nation (director), The Maids (AD), as well as a variety of stage management. When not working, Anastassia can be found reading or playing the accordion.


Trey Krause–Assistant Director

Trey Krause is a freshman DPP major at UArts! In addition to Footballs, he is also currently the AD for Ice Cream by Caryl Churchill, directed by Emily Cooper. Trey would like to thank his parents for always supporting his crazy dreams, and hopes the audience enjoys the show!


Jaedto Israel–Dramaturg

Jaedto is a freshman DPP who is stretching themself into every aspect of theater imaginable. Their past work includes: Seussical (Assistant Choreographer), Incorruptible (AD/SM), Urinetown (Assistant Choreographer), Nathan for Titus (SM). They are also an aspiring playwright working on shows titled Dungeons and Dragons: The Musical! and Congregation of the Lipsync Assassins


Kereni Sanchez–Stage Manager


Nolan Cummings–Narrator

Nolan is a sophomore Acting major. Credits at Uarts include: Marconi/ Dane in Edison and Ensemble in Lucille’s Lantern (Home Series). Other favorite roles include Sweeney Todd, the Baron in Grand hotel, and Ram Sweeney in Heathers. Thanks to team for a great season!


Kaitlin Waldron–Sydney

Kaitlin Marianne is a Sophomore Musical Theater Major who, as well as singing and acting and the works, is also pursuing writing both music and poetry.  She is a member and publicity representative of Coffee Cup Cabaret and has been in the casts of Ms. Cast: A Genderbent Cabaret, and CaberGAY: A Celebration of Queer Musical Theater.  Kaitlin Marianne is especially grateful for her parents’ continuous love and support.  This is her debut in a UArts mainstage production!


Josh Crosby–Michael

Josh Crosby is a Sophomore Acting Major and is thrilled to be making his UArts main-stage debut.


Lorraine Iaquinta–Charlotte

Lorraine is a junior Musical Theater and is excited to be making her UArts debut. Favorite credits include: Urinetown (Hope), Ragtime (Ensemble), The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Drood), and Beauty and the Beast (Belle)


Anna Radway–Anonymous

Brittney Anderson–Playwright

Brittney Anderson is a Sophomore DPP focusing in playwriting and directing. UArts credits include: Bomb A$$ Cabaret (PA), The Last Five Years (AD), Edison (Workshop), Equinox (SM), Subcircle Incubator Project, and Mr. Marmalade (Dramaturg), Lucille’s Lantern (Co-Director). Regional: Period Play (Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival, SM) and Simone R.P.T. 8 (Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2017, Director). Upcoming: Acedia (Dramaturg)


Kim Redman–Director

Kimberly Redman is a senior Acting major who really should’ve been designing or directing. She directed Just Another Normal Conversation and that was absurd, and rewarding. Previous acting credits include: Lucille’s Lantern, Red Forty’s “Best Songs in the World Show” show (Candy Scrapple), Beautiful Stupidity (Chair Affair), CHRONOTOPE: ROUGH DRAFT. Upcoming acting: student film TEETH (Marge). Previous design credit: American Idiot (co-assistant scenic designer). Upcoming design: Retrograde (props designer). Lastly, do not acclimatize to fascist governments always RESIST.


Sabrina Alegria–Assistant Director

Sabrina Alegria is a sophomore DPP who enjoys stage managing almost as much as she enjoys directing. Previous UArts credits include: Echo November (AD), American Idiot (ASM) and Drop a fly (AD). Previous Non UArts credits include: Simone RPT8 (SM)


Kelly Fleming–Dramaturg

Kelly Fleming is a freshman DPP with a focus in directing and stage management. Since arriving to UArts in August of 2017, she has worked on two shows, Lucille’s Lantern (SM) and American Idiot (Light Board Operator), and became a member of the UArts improv troupe, Playground Champions. Upcoming projects include: Retrograde (ASM) and Eat. Pray. Swag. (Assistant Director)


Becca Thomas–Stage Manager

Becca Thomas is a freshman DPP with a love of photography, poetry, design, and baking (especially chocolate) creations in addition to stage managing any type of collaborative theatrical event. Previous hometown credits include: Our Town (SM), Blue Stockings (SM), Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (SM), Trojan Women (SM), Radium Girls (SM), and various miscellaneous internship credits. Upcoming at UArts: Acedia (ASM).


Juliet Mellon–Theorist

Juliet Mellon (Theorist) is a junior musical theatre major and is thrilled to be a part of this festival! Recent credits include: Hunchback of Notre Dame (University of the Arts) Edison (Kingston/Manchester/Buxton/Edinburgh Fringe Festivals), Retrograde: a new musical (Uarts home series), Edison (University of the Arts), Sometimes in Prague (Uarts Polyphone Festival).


Jaz Blain–Sociologist

Jaz Blain is a sophomore acting major at UArts. Previous credits include: Lord Linni and his Leaders (Lord Linni) a Tyler Wcislo Film, The Bourgeois Gentleman (Jourdain) UArts, Edison (Edison) Static Assembly, Edison (Tesla #3) UArts, and Blues For A Red Nation (Co-playwright and Carl Sagan) UArts. They thank their fellow cast members, creative team, and crew for making this a delightfully absurd palooza!


Basil Thompson–Assistant

Basil Thompson Jr. is a freshman vocal major with a passion for musical theater and song writing. Previous Credits include: Becky. Just Another Normal Conversation is his second show at UArts as a Freshman.


Jasmine Louis–Reporter

Jasmine Louis is a junior Acting major with  the dream of doing film/TV. Previous credits include: Apartment 27 (Landlady), Elementary Spacetime Show (player/teenager 2), Cotton & Gold (HP), and many background television roles. Upcoming: Acedia (Esther)

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