The Brind School is home to over 300 students plus 11 full-time faculty, 3 full-time staff members, and dozens of part-time faculty members, all of whom are passionate about studying and making theater. We are spread out along Broad Street from the Terra Building at the north end of campus to the Arts Bank at the south end, plus facilities in the Juniper and Gershman buildings.


For a searchable directory of all UArts faculty and staff click here.


There will be three Convocations of the entire school during the semester, all on a Wednesday from 11:30 am – 12:50 pm in the Caplan Recital Hall. There will always be announcements, special guests, and presentations of interest to all Brind School students. Attendance is mandatory.


Studio spaces in the Brind School are heavily used for classes and rehearsals, but there are many times when you can use a space that’s not otherwise scheduled for scene work or practice. Visit the link in the left-hand navbar to view the room schedules and request a room reservation.


Since spaces are heavily used, we rely on each member of the community to help maintain order. If there is a class or rehearsal in progress in a room, respect their privacy and don’t barge in; you might interrupt something important! At the end of each class or rehearsal, pick up your trash and take it out of the room. Put chairs and other rehearsal furniture back where you found it. Try not to move furniture between rooms, but if it’s unavoidable, make sure to return it to where you found it. If something is broken, report it to the office.


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