Mandatory Events

Fall 2017 Attendance Policy
Attendance at productions and convocations (school meetings) is essential to our sense of
community and a vital part of every student’s artistic growth.
Convocation Dates:

August 30, October 11 and November 15
11:30am-12:50pm (Common Block)
Caplan Recital Hall (Terra 17th Floor)
Attendance will be taken by office work study / box office staff at ALL EVENTS in the
season. At each Brind School performance, students will be required to check in with box
office staff and drop off their ID’s when entering the theater. ID’s will be returned to
students at the end of each performance.
It Takes One – PHILLY FRINGE FESTIVAL – September 8th – 10th, Arts Bank Cabaret *** SENIOR PROJECT ***
These Terrible Things – PHILLY FRINGE FESTIVAL – September 14th – 23th, Caplan Studio Theater
The Bourgeois Gentleman – October 5th – 8th, Arts Bank Theater
The Maids – October 26th – 29th, Gershman Hall Black Box Theater *** SENIOR PROJECT ***
Green Day’s American Idiot – November 9th – 19th, Arts Bank Theater
The Hunchback of Notre Dame – December 7th – 10th, Caplan Studio Theater *** SENIOR PROJECT ***
3 Convocations + 6 Shows = 9 TOTAL Brind School Events (for the Fall semester)

The minimum requirement this semester is attendance at 5 out of 9 events. Senior
projects will count as one.

Missing more than 4 events throughout the semester will result in the following:
Acting and Musical Theater majors will suffer a half-point reduction in the final semester
grade of their respective Acting Studios.

DPP majors will suffer a half-point reduction in the following courses:
Freshmen: Collaboration in Theater
Sophomores: Approaches to Movement
Juniors: Studio grade
Seniors: Business of Theater
Design Tech Majors will suffer a half-point reduction in their Intro to Design class
(freshmen) and Practicum classes (all others)

Please note that season auditions are MANDATORY for all performance majors
(Acting and MT) through first semester senior year.

Casting exemption is available to seniors during the final semester.


Questions regarding the above? Please contact Max Vasapoli

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